Menu Commands
The following contents are the detailed explanations on VCDCut Pro Menu Commands.

File... Open VCD Open VCD*.DAT file and add the file to the Play List
Open Movie...\tCtrl+O Open movie file
Recent File Last file played
Edit... Delete\tDel Delete the selected file in the List Bar Folder
Clip Mark In\tF5 Set the starting point of clipping
Clip Mark Out\tF6 Set the end point of clipping
Add to Clip List\tF7 Add marked clip to the Clip List
Generate Clips\tF8 Make clips from the view Clip List
Join Movie Clips\tCtrl+J Join clips from the view Play List
Add to Favour List\tCtrl+D Add current play file to FavourList
Empty Play List
Empty Clip List
Empty Favour List
View... Toolbar
Status Bar
Folder Tree Bar
Folder List Bar
Tool List Bar
Preview Tab Item
Fit Movie\tCtrl+F
Always on Top\tCtrl+T
Full Screen\tEscs
Minimise to system area
Movie Size Resize play file (0.1x~10x)
Movie Speed Control play speed (0.1x~10x)
Volume Control play volume (0~10)
Slide Show\tCtrl+S Start or stop slide show (set the picture to be played and other parameters in Slide Show tool)
Icon Arrange
Control... Play\tSpace
Step Play\tF10
Rev Step Play\tF9
Fast Forward Seek\tF12
Fast Backward Seek\tF11
Seek To
Play Next File
Play Last File
Capture Frame\tF4 Extract current playing frame and automatically store in working folder.
Close Movie Close playing movie
Tools... Mpg Divide Cut MPG file into some smaller segments at equal length
Movie to AVI Convert all other files into AVI files, set the quantity of converted segments, and compress DVD VOB file into MPEG4 AVI file with this tool.
DVD Copy Combine VOB files on DVD disk into a large VOB file and store in working folder so as to maintain video and audio synchronization while compress the files into MPEG4 AVI file. You can select title and audio track to be copied.
Screen Shot Automatically generate movie screen shot for the single movie file or the movie file in folder
Video Broadcast Broadcast the image of Webcam or movie file on network and share with friends.
When play, send movie frames to soft camera When playing back, send video frame to simulated Webcam and send the playing video frame to self-contained simulated video Webcam. This function requires WIN2000/XP. WIN9X does not support.
When play, save movie frames to working folder

When playing back, save the video frame into working directory. Open this function, numerous BMP video frame files will be generated in working directory when playing back.

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