VCDCut Pro is a video player. It can control the playback of video file conveniently and friendly. VCDCut Pro main features include: support slide show play of picture file; grab picture when you play video file; clip admiring video segment; generate video file screen shot; on-line video broadcast; support window/screen capture; and also send the playing video frame/picture to self-contained simulated Webcam; and offering a wide variety of other functions. 

VCDCut Pro is also a software simulated Webcam. It can be simulated into a virtual Webcam and used in Biliao, Liaoliao, EPH, QQ, MSN, NetMeeting, UC, and other software/chat room, for playing movie, MTV, picture, and as simulated Webcam (Name of device: JiaoCap. This function must be supported by WIN2000/XP. WIN9X does not support.)


Main Features of VCDCut Pro:

  1. Control playback of the video file conveniently and friendly (including image resize, playback volume control, playback speed control, etc.);?

  2. Clip video file at the time of playback and save the clipped file in AVI/MPG1 format;?

  3. Support clipping and chopping MPG1 file into smaller segments at equal length and combine smaller segments into large segment file;?
    Grab picture while play video file (including continuous grabbing);?

  4. Support the slide show playback of picture file and provide numerous change modes of special effects;?

  5. Support video file compression and conversion (compress and convert some video files into AVI format);?

  6. Generate video file screen shot automatically or in batch;?

  7. Send the playing video frame/picture to self-contained simulated Webcam (Name of device: JiaoCap. This function must be supported by WIN2000/XP. WIN9X does not support.);?

  8. Support multiple connections to simulated Webcam. you can connect max 32 user mode applications at the same time to simulated Webcam(NEW!).?

  9. Support online video broadcast of video file and share with friends;?
    Support window/screen capture. you can save captured frames as BMP or AVI, or send frames to self-contained simulated Webcam;?

Download Video Effect Files(2007/4/16)


Download VCDCut Pro V4.16.8 (for WIN2K/XP:2007/9/16)


Download JiaoMPC V1.38 (for WIN2K/XP/VISTA:2007/9/16)


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