Basic Operation  
VCDCut Pro is very simple to operate. General operation can be made through the Main toolbar, Movie Control toolbar, and List Views toolbar. You may open one or more movie files by the menu command {Play VCD or File…} or directly double click the file in the List Bar folder to play movie; or drag the file (or Folder) in the Folder List Bar  to the Movie preview area or to Play List view to play movie. In Tool menu, there are many kinds of tools to control movie file, mainly including: MPG Divide, Movie to AVI, DVD Copy, automatic movie screen shot generation, video broadcasting, etc. In the column of Status, some playback information will be displayed: File Name/Size of File/Clips of Files in Play List/ Clips of Files in Clip List/Play Speed/Zoom Factor/Movie Size, Frame Rate/Playing Percentage, and Time/Length of Movie.

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